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UL94/HF-1 Foam

Ul94/HF-1 is a small scale testing procedure for the flammability of parts used in devices & appliances & is not intended herein to reflect hazards presented by this or any other material under actual flame conditions.

New England Foam supplies, converts & fabricates the following types of UL94/HF-1 foam:

  • Polyester
    • 1.9 +/- 0.10 pcf (S82N)
      • Largest sheet size = 54″ x 108″
    • 2.0 +/- 0.10 pcf (LS-2)
      • Largest sheet size = 54″ x 72″
        • Anti-Static (A/S) & Clickable
    • 4.0 +/- 0.10 pcf (4.0 N)
      • Largest sheet size = 54″ x 72″
    • UL-900 and Coatings Available

New England Foam’s UL94/HF-1 Foam


The types of foam listed on this page all meet the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. flame class of UL94/HF-1.

New England Foam’s UL94/HF-1 foam also meets European RoHS standard, which bans the use of lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, PBBs & PBDEs.

UL 94/HF-1 Filter Foam

New England Foam’s UL94/HF-1 filter foam offers high dust resistance & low air resistance when installed in electronics, computer, telecom, medical, & general purpose equipment.

New England Foam’s UL94/Hf-1 flame retardant filter foam is available in standard sheets, die-cut pieces & laminated to other substrates; such as pressure sensitive adhesives.

Applications for New England Foam’s UL94/HF-1 filter foam include air & liquid filters, speaker grills, aircraft, HVAC, appliance, electronics, industries and every other application where a flame retardant, cleanable filter material is required.