Attention: To those who are  manufacturing foam face masks for Personal Protective Equipment, PPE and Personal Protection Gear, PPG. 

 We are here to aid in fighting the fight against the spread of COVID 19.   New England Foam has the capability to bring your design for a foam face mask to life.

  We can assist you with design, material selection and prototypes to develop your foam face mask.

 New England Foam has the capability to accommodate production runs from large to small.

 We can create programming for CNC cut foam or die tools for die cutting foam.  The foam face mask design, material and volume will determine the most efficient cutting technique for your production runs.

 New England Foam stocks several materials that are used to manufacture foam face masks and other PPG and PPE.  First of all, to get started we have a list of our in stock foam types on our website  Should you prefer to speak with us you can reach us on our toll free foamline 1 (800) 828-0333.

 Filter foam is a great choice for a breathable foam face mask.  New England Foam has other polyurethane ethers and esters that are used for PPE to protect against the spread of the Corona virus. We can send out material samples of foam for all types of PPG.

 Sometimes a foam sample in hand is the best way to get a feel for the materials characteristics to see what will work best for your specific design.  When we determine the foam type that will be used for the foam face mask we can decide the best cutting technique for the design and quantity of the production run. Typical lead time for New England Foam on the first production run of a new product is two to three weeks.

  New England Foam is proud to offer made in USA PPE and PPG foam products. Veteran owned and operated family business with over 50 years experience.  Let us help with your custom foam fabrication and converting needs for PPE, PPG and protective packaging.