New England Foam can create  custom Foam End Caps

Foam End Caps

for your product’s protection during shipping. Foam end caps are a cost effective solution to damage that occurs during shipping.


First of all, we will design a foam end cap that is the appropriate dimension and material type for the size, shape and weight of your product. Many other factors are considered as well, such as how the product is shipped. Do you ship with UPS, common carrier or courier service?  How many parts per box?

New England Foam also considers if the protective packaging will be used once or re-used multiple times.


Foam end caps are made using a variety of flexible foams. Polyurethane, Extruded Polyethylene and Expanded Polyethylene are great material choices for foam end caps.

Polyurethane is New England Foam’s softest, most flexible foam. This makes it ideal for large, delicate, light weight products.

We also use extruded PE for foam end caps. PE is recommended for heavier items that require protective packaging. PE is also a great material choice for reusable foam end caps due to it’s high tensile strength and firm cushioning properties.

Expanded PE is another material that is used for reusable foam end caps. EPE is a non abrasive foam option that does not out gas and has a high compressive strength relative to the density. This results in creating a flexible foam end cap that is a light weight and very resilient closed cell foam.


New England Foam can use one of your product samples to build a foam end cap prototype. We can also work with PDF, DWG and DXF files for the design phase as well as hand sketched templates.

The lead time to develop a foam end cap design is one week or less. New England Foam’s lead time for the first production run is 3 weeks.

New England Foam is here to help you solve your shipping damage issues. Start now by calling (860) 524-0121 for immediate assistance or click on the link