New England Foam can fabricate Face Shield Foam to your specific requirements for Personal Protective Equipment and Personal Protective Gear.

Manufacturers of Face Shield, PPE and PPG can turn to New England Foam for a trusted supplier of flexible foams made in U.S.A.

Face Shield Foam Types
New England Foam has experience with different foam materials for different types of face shields used to fight the spread of COVID 19.

Face Shield Foam Design
We can help design your face shield foam by taking into account the size of the foam pads as well as the location and quantity of foam pads being used on the face shield.

One Time Use Face Shield Foam
Our PU ethers are a popular choice for face shield foam. They offer an inexpensive, soft to the touch, breathable, flexible foam option to consider when designing face shield foam. The PU ethers are best suited to a one time use disposable face shield.

Face Shield with Adhesive
Depending on the face shield manufacturers capabilities, New England Foam can also add pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) to our foam. Adding PSA to the face shield foam makes it an easy peel and stick solution for bonding the foam to the face shield in the manufacturing of PPG and PPE.

Reusable Face Shield Foam
New England Foam also has closed cell foam that can be used for the reusable face shields. The Closed cell foam is a material that can be cleaned and reused. Closed cell foam is firmer and more durable than the softer PU ether foam. Face Shield Foam for reusable face shields are typically made up of several smaller foam pads that allow for better air flow resulting in less face shield fogging. New England Foam can also add PSA to closed cell face shield foam.

 Face Shield Foam Production Runs
New England Foam can handle all sizes of production runs for face shield foam from large to small. Get started with your face shield foam by selecting a material from our website Or call us on our toll free foam line 1 800 828-0333 and we can discuss the different options we have for face shield foam pads.