Fabricated Foam End Caps

New England Foam has the capability to fabricate foam end caps (FEC), custom engineered for your products that are in need of protective packaging.
Fabricated FEC’s can be a cost-effective way to reduce expense due to shipping damage. A simple and well thought out design can maximize the yield of the material used in FEC’s. They also, can be easily stored by nesting them together, saving valuable warehouse space.

Several types of polymeric foam can be used for this type of application. Polyethylene, Expanded Polyethylene, Polyurethane and EPS are the go-to materials for die cut and CNC cut end caps.

In designing the FEC’s, we will look at the weight and size of the product to be shipped as well as the fragility and the surface of the load bearing areas. How the item will be shipped, UPS one part at a time or palletized for a common carrier will also play a part in determining the design of the FEC’s.
New England Foam can fabricate both reusable, recyclable and disposable FEC’s.

Polyurethane is a great material choice for products that are light and have delicate internal parts. The soft polyurethane will help cushion a drop so that internal parts aren’t jarred and yet still protect the outer housing of the component.

Expanded polyethylene foam end caps should be used when a low abrasion foam is needed. This material is perfect for Class A surfaces. Expanded polyethylene is also highly resilient and offers zero outgassing so that sensitive lenses and components will not fog or haze. New England Foam can also design foam end caps in extruded polyethylene. This is the most often used material for FEC’s, it offers excellent cushioning that can withstand repeated impacts and vibration.

New England Foam can help guide you through the process of designing a FEC that is best suited to your specific needs.

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Types of Foam End Caps Available

New England Foam specializes in fabricating the following types of foam into FEC’s for use in the packaging industry:

Foam End Caps

Fabricating Foam End Caps

New England Foam’s can custom fabricate FEC’s for packaging. End caps are engineered to protect valuable and delicate products against multiple impacts while maintaining their original cushioning properties.