Foam Case Inserts (FCI)

Supplying reusable, as well as disposable, custom foam case inserts for over 25 years. This has presented New England Foam the knowledge and experience to provide clients with the most reliable and affordable custom foam cases available in the foam fabrication industry.

New England Foam’s custom foam case inserts can be custom designed to create multiple cavity depths ensuring the perfect fit for all of your individual components.

Foam case inserts can be CNC (computer numerically-controlled) routed or die-cut; both methods provide an affordable means of fabrication for short, low-volume runs as well as long, high-volume runs.

Previously fabricated foam case inserts include: custom tool trays, display packaging, delicate electronic equipment packaging, transportable test equipment, storage, shipping and personal selling (sales) sample kits.

  • Foam Case Insert
  • Foam Case Insert
  • Foam Case Insert
  • Foam Case Insert
  • Foam Case Insert
  • Foam Case Insert

Commercial Foam Case Inserts

New England Foam’s custom foam case inserts are utilized in commercial and industrial applications for presentation packaging and also in protective packaging; to organize the contents of the case while providing protection from shocks and drops.

New England Foam’s custom FCI’s for packaging provide the absolute best in organization, protection and security for the interior of your case without sacrificing aesthetics.

New England Foam’s custom foam case inserts are available in a variety of colors, densities and product grades.

Foam Case Insert

Types of Foam Case Inserts Available

New England Foam fabricates custom designed FCI’s including open-cell foam case inserts comprised of polyurethane foam (polyester and polyether) and closed-cell FCI’s comprised of polyethylene foam (crosslinked and expanded).

Foam Case Insert


Polyethylene foam is a lightweight material that is easy to fabricate and demonstrate superior shock absorption and vibration dampening properties and are impervious to bacteria, mildew and mold.

FCI’s made from polyethylene foam  provide superior protection and unparalleled durability for the interior of your case.

They also have a high load bearing capacity, which helps end users reduce costs due to using less material without sacrificing protection.

Along with great insulation properties along with a high-resistance to chemicals and solvents make polyethylene foam the ideal choice for packaging heavier items and for materials handling (dunnage) applications.

Foam Case Insert

Crosslinked Polyethylene

Crosslinked polyethylene foam, also known asXLPE, is a flexible, closed-cell type of foam.

Best-known for its ability to protect class A surfaces, crosslinked polyethylene foam can be fabricated into durable and aesthetically pleasing custom foam case inserts for the packaging industry.

Foam Case Insert


Polyurethane foam, also known as PU, PUF or PUR, is a flexible, open-cell type of foam.

When used in case inserts they provide the best value for lightweight, delicate objects that are fragile.

They are also widely used in the medical packaging industry as well as other applications where abrasion resistance is essential.

Foam Case Insert


Pick-n-pluck, also known as diced, perforated and pinch and tear, is a component foam case insert system that is typically comprised of multiple layers of foam.

Polyurethane foam is pre-scored into tiny cubes that will inevitably be customized by each end-user; hence the term, “pick-n-pluck.”

We can customize dimensions for your application.

Pick-N-Pluck Foam

Custom Fabricating FCI’s

New England Foam also has the capability to enhance the appearance of each FCI with the addition of foam flocking.

Flocked foam is easily laminated to polyurethane foam, polyethylene foam, chipboard, corrugated and plastics.

We fabricate foam flocking in standard size rolls of 1/8″ x 27″ x 300′ (100 yards).

Custom colors and 54″ wide rolls are available upon request.

  • Foam Case Insert
  • Foam Case Insert