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Foam Types Available

New England Foam supplies, converts and fabricates the following types of foam:

New England Foam also stocks foam blocks, buns, cubes, pads, planks, profiles, rolls and sheets in custom & standard sizes.


New England Foam provides the finest quality foam products, the most competitive pricing and the shortest lead times in the entire foam fabrication industry.

New England Foam works together with suppliers and clients alike to ensure the right type of foam is selected to satisfy the demands of each and every project where comfort, support and/or durability are integral to success.


New England Foam’s combination of teamwork, creative artistry and technical execution permits the prompt and reliable fabrication of foam products to custom designed specifications.

Proven production techniques, consistent results and “just-in-time” shipping ensures that your foam products will arrive on time, as expected and with more value added.

Critical listening, attention to detail and precise execution are the attributes most emphatically heralded within the foam fabrication industry. With the internal mantra, “quality, service and communication,” New England Foam makes every effort to exceed expectations.


Located in Hartford, Connecticut’s, “Enterprise Zone,” New England Foam opened in 1987.

Since, New England Foam has earned the title, “Regional Market Leader: Custom Purveyor of Fabricated Foam Products.”

New England Foam takes great pride in the community and remains an active, contributing member to the United States economy by employing Americans, purchasing supplies domestically and reinvesting profits in local institutions.

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  • Face Shield Foam with PSA

Face Shield Foam for PPG and PPE

June 9th, 2020|0 Comments

New England Foam can fabricate Face Shield Foam to your specific requirements for Personal Protective Equipment and Personal Protective Gear.Manufacturers of Face Shield, PPE and PPG can turn to New England [...]

Foam End Caps for Protective Packaging

May 26th, 2020|0 Comments

New England Foam can create  custom Foam End Caps Foam End Caps for your product's protection during shipping. Foam end caps are a cost effective solution to damage that [...]

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New England Foam supplies Open-Cell and Closed-Cell Foam including: Polyurethane, Filters, Furniture, Polyester, Polyether, Polyethylene, Crosslinked, Expanded and much more!
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